The FirstByte Team

We are a team of undergraduate students at Northeastern University.

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Our Teams

The Educator Enablement Team is FirstByte’s primary point of contact with our audience. Members on this team work directly with teachers and facilitate the loaner program. They also network with schools, educators, parents, and organizations to implement technology curricula and identify the community’s unaddressed needs.

Kasandra Yee

Electrical Engineering | 2021

Laurel O'Malley

Industrial Engineering | 2022

Harsh Sethia

Computer Science and Business | 2021

Shashwat Shetty

Computer Science | 2019

Tima Iqbal

Computer Science and Business Administration | 2022

The Curriculum Team creates exciting new technology curricula for teachers to integrate into their everyday lessons. They research new educational technologies, work to understand educators’ needs, and write lesson plans that fulfill Massachusetts’ Digital Literacy Standards.

Jaedyn Lee

Computer Science | 2020

Andrew Dai

Computer Science | 2022

Douglas Read

Computer Science | 2023

Melina Young

Computer Science | 2020

Curriculum Team members not pictured: Nivashini Suresh

The Operations Team is responsible for keeping FirstByte running smoothly. Members of this team are tasked with keeping the loaner kits in order, managing the budget, and reserving spaces for our weekly meetings and special events.

Brenna Singer

Bioengineering | 2021

The Brand & Marketing Team brings in speakers, creates digital content, and promotes the FirstByte name and brand. This team is responsible for everything from website content to social media to recruiting new members.

Julian Perez

Computer Engineering | 2021

Brand & Marketing Team members not pictured: Tanya Sanghi

The Website Team, comprising UX designers and programmers, is responsible for maintaining and improving the website. FirstByte developers write clean code to create a rewarding user experience.

Luke San Antonio Bialecki

Computer Science | 2022

Khalil Haji

Computer Science | 2022

Christopher Kei

Computer Science and Mathematics | 2022

Zachary Jarnagin

Computer Science | 2022

Annie Joseph

Information Systems | 2019

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