MaKey MaKey

Students create fun programs in a Scratch environment and interact with their programs using a MaKey MaKey. They will be introduced to control flow statements and basic circuit concepts.

In-class timeline: Five 1hr classes
Preparation timeline: 1hr total prep time
Works best for Middle School


MaKey-MaKey Boards, No. 2 Pencils for drawing circuits

Digital Files

Maze Image 1 (Other)

Maze Image 2 (Other)

Maze Image 3 (Other)

Maze Image 4 (Other)

MaKey MaKey Project Ideas (Student handout)

PowerPoint Presentation (Editable) (Slides)

PowerPoint Presentation (PDF) (Slides)

Using alligator clips (Student handout)

Lesson Plan (Teacher reference)

Make your own controller template (Student handout)

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