Below, you will find an overview of the curricula FirstByte has to offer. You are welcome to access these lessons completely free of charge, intended for personal or educational use only. All we ask for in return is your feedback. After completing a FirstByte curriculum, please return to this page to fill out a short survey here. We would also greatly appreciate pictures of your class in action: have your students fill out a photo release waiver here. Thanks, and happy teaching!

MaKey MaKey image.png

Prep: 1 hr
Teach: Five 1-hr classes

Grades: 6-8
Prerequisites: None
Students create fun programs in a Scratch environment and interact with their programs using a MaKey MaKey. They will be introduced to control flow statements and basic circuit concepts.
View the MaKey MaKey curriculum here: MaKey MaKey Curriculum
FashionSENCE image.png

Prep: 4 hrs
Teach: Ten 2-hr classes

Grades: 9-12
Prerequisites: None
In FashionSENCE (sewable electronics n’ coding education), students create their own wearable technology using LilyPad Arduinos. They will be introduced to coding in a Scratch environment, defining variables, control flow statements, basic circuitry, and sewing!
View the FashionSENCE curriculum here: FashionSENCE Curriculum

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FirstByte Loaner Program

You’ve got the class, we’ve got the materials!

If you’d like to teach our MaKey MaKey curriculum in your classroom, you are eligible to borrow 12 MaKey MaKey kits from FirstByte. Each kit contains $60 worth of materials, including 1 MaKey MaKey, 7 alligator clips, and 1 red USB connector cable.

If you are interested in the FirstByte Loaner Program, please contact us at